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Snow Removal Services in Allentown, PA


Are you searching for snow removal professionals in Allentown, PA? If so, look to the professional team at ASRE to take care of all of your needs. At ASRE, we provide snow removal in Allentown, PA, including salting, shoveling, and plowing services. We understand how challenging the northeast climate can be, and we work to make snow removal more manageable for you. Our staff has advanced equipment and experience to clear your pathways and driveway of any snow or ice.

As winter is just months away, it's important to be prepared for potential snowstorms that can hit the Lehigh Valley. Winter can cause temperatures to plummet, which makes for dangerous and slippery conditions on the road. With a professional snow removal team in your corner, you can have peace of mind that your home is safe and free of hazardous weather. The snow can look beautiful, but it can cause stress and headaches when it comes to removal. Snow removal services offer a wide range of benefits, and we break down a few of them below.

Benefits of professional snow removal services

Prevent accidents

The top benefit of professional snow removal is that it can clear your driveway of snow or ice, preventing potential accidents. Often, snow and ice can make it challenging for drivers to navigate the road, causing collisions and damage to vehicles. We have the experience and knowledge required to clean away slippery patches of ice and snow from areas such as driveways and walkways. With our specialized equipment, we can efficiently remove any dangerous conditions, making it safer for you and your family. 

Enhance curb appeal 

If you're proactively trying to give your curb appeal a boost, clearing your property of any snow can give it a beautiful look. When snow piles up with dirt, grass, and other elements, it can decrease the look of your home. With ASRE's snow removal services, you can preserve and enhance your property while ensuring that your driveway is safe and manageable to drive on. 

Specialized equipment 

Our team of professionals uses equipment specifically designed to advance the snow removal process. With the use of these modern tools, we can make the process seamless from start to finish. Those without this equipment find themselves at a disadvantage during heavy periods of snowfall, as it can be difficult to move large amounts of snow. At ASRE, we have over a decade of experience using the tools that streamline the process and create a beautifully kept space. 

Professional Snow Removal Services in Bethlehem, PA


“I met ASRE at the AG hall spring home show 2018. Bob Labarre and Herb took the time to listen and help create a concept with us that worked with our existing home and budget. We were very happy with the entire process from sales to execution and finished product. Bob and Herb were "hands on" and the crew exceeded our expectations. Highly recommend the ASRE crew!” 


– J. Weidner

“Great sales representation of capabilities plus reasonable price.” 


– G. Gaugler Easton, PA

“Your staff is courteous professional and customer service orientated.”


- C. and J. Bowen  Allentown, PA

"Not only does ASRE do incredible work, they stand behind their work through high quality maintenance for years to come.”


– M. Hinton Macungie, PA


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